Modern Aids


201 Bond St  Elk Grove Village, IL  60007

Modern Aids, Inc. beginnings date to 1935, in Chicago, where the company began manufacturing and distributing Gauztape® brand cohesive gauze to medical supply businesses.  

Gauztape® was used extensively as a bandaging tape for over forty years until the present owners developed a secondary market for its use - tennis racket grip tape.

Gauztape® Sport Grip® propelled Modern Aids, Inc. into the national and international sporting goods markets.  Large sporting goods distributors, Wilson, Donnay and Yonnex were among the many international customers distributing the unique grip tape.

During this time, AT&T’s manufacturing plants discovered another use for our cohesive gauze tape – finger protection. Saf-T-Tape® brand finger protection tape became the leading industrial finger protection product that allowed users a full range of movement and sensitivity previously unavailable with gloves or finger cots.

Also during this time period Walgreen’s, CVS and Rite Aid planogrammed the Gauztape® self sticking bandaging tape into their HBC section.  The addition of our bandaging tape, to the HBC section, created a new class of bandaging options for the consumers.

In 1985 the company purchased one of its first aid supply distributors.  As a result of this acquisition, the “travel/trial” size medicine display business developed.  Originally marketing the “unit dose” medicines towards industrial accounts, the business eventually evolved into one of the nations leading convenience store suppliers of medicine displays. The product line began with individual packets of medicines secured to cardboard easel displays and has evolved into the industries first unit dose, retail, plastic package – Uni’s®.

Travel and trial size personal care items were added to round out a complete HBC department supplier under one roof.  Today our products are found throughout the country in convenience stores, gift shops, restaurants, tobacco and liquor stores, theme parks, camping and automotive stores as well as mail order catalogs.